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job Jul 31 2014

Animal Control Officer




Civil Service Department, Suite 569, City County Bldg, 400 Main Street, Knoxville, TN 37902 (865) 215-2106. Web:

9017 Animal Control Officer 07/29/14

(Entry-Level and Promotional)

Drug testing may be required

ENTRY SALARY: $24,511 - $25,736/annually

PAY GRADE: $24,511 - $35,946/annually (Pay Grade 3)

The City of Knoxville requires as a condition of employment that all newly employed individuals, former employees that have been re-hired, or employees promoted to a new classification will receive their paychecks by way of automatic direct deposit.
Starting and promotional salaries will be determined based upon applicant qualifications and in accordance with Civil Service Merit Board Rules and Regulations.

The City of Knoxville only accepts online applications. To apply, go to You must complete ALL APPLICABLE SECTIONS of the application. DO NOT LEAVE SECTIONS BLANK SIMPLY BECAUSE THAT INFORMATION APPEARS ON YOUR RESUME. Doing so could result in your application being deemed incomplete. If you need assistance submitting an application, you may visit the Civil Service office at the address listed above.

The following documents MUST be submitted online by 4:30 PM on Friday, August 8, 2014:

• Completed City of Knoxville Online Application



Under general supervision, patrols City streets in order to locate, capture, and impound unlicensed, stray, and/or uncontrolled animals; responds to citizen complaints regarding a variety of animal control issues. ____________________________________________________________________________________


Unless stated otherwise, applicants must possess and/or meet the following minimum requirements prior to the application deadline. Current City Employees may apply but must have completed initial Civil Service probationary period and have received a satisfactory performance rating on their last evaluation to receive promotional preference. Requires a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Must possess or be able to obtain an appropriate driver's license as required by State law. Must be available for On-Call and shift work (day and evening rotating shift). Spanish speaking applicants encouraged to apply. ____________________________________________________________________________________


The selection procedure consists of a written examination (100% of final score). Subjects on the written exam include: DECISION MAKING; PRIORITIZING; READING COMPREHENSION; and EFFECTIVE WORKING RELATIONS.

Prior to final selection and appointment, applicants must submit to and be approved by the following procedures: Extensive physical examination, including DRUG TESTING, comprehensive psychological evaluation, and a background investigation (including polygraph examination).

A detailed position description is available for review upon request in the Civil Service Department.

Note: Background checks will be conducted.


The City of Knoxville does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, religion, age, veteran status, disability, gender identity, genetic information, or sexual orientation in employment opportunities.


Under general supervision, patrols City streets in order to locate, capture, and impound unlicensed, stray, and/or uncontrolled animals; responds to citizen complaints regarding a variety of animal control issues.


This position is designated as Safety Sensitive


Animal control and handling - Captures domestic animals regularly and may capture wildlife animals on an emergency basis using appropriate equipment such as live animal traps, catch poles, etc.; examines the physical condition of animals to determine appropriate actions concerning capture, transportation, disposition, etc.; cages or otherwise secures captured animals and transports to impound facility, shelter, veterinarian, etc.; removes animals from vehicle upon arrival at destination. Enforces animal control ordinances - Enforces leash laws and other City ordinances related to animal control issues; examines animal licenses for validity and issues warnings or summonses to delinquent owners; inspects local pet stores and other establishments selling or exhibiting animals to ascertain compliance with applicable animal control regulations; issues written citations or verbal warnings to violators as required; attends court to prosecute animal control law violations; recommends appropriate fine or other penalty upon request of presiding judge. Investigates complaints - Responds to citizen complaints regarding animal control issues such as barking dogs, stray or abandoned pets, loose cattle, wild or vicious animals, animal cruelty complaints, etc.; investigates animal bite cases by questioning the victim and witnesses; locates, captures, and delivers responsible animal to veterinarian or shelter for quarantine; completes appropriate forms and reports to document actions. Public relations - Explains laws and ordinances governing domestic animals to pet owners, complainants, etc.; discusses various animal control issues with the public in order to resolve arguments or complaints; enforces animal control ordinances fairly and impartially; establishes and maintains effective working relationships with the public, co- workers, superiors, etc.; assists KPD officers, Knox City/County Animal Center employees, and representatives of various other volunteer and/or business organizations when animals are involved in any of their cases.


Public compliance and cooperation.


Knowledge of animal control methods and practices - Knowledge of proper animal control practices and procedures; knowledge of the procedures for safe handling and maintaining the general welfare of large and small animals; knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety precautions associated with animal control activities. Knowledge of animal diseases, illnesses, and injuries - Knowledge of various diseases and illness prevalent in both wild and domestic animals; knowledge of symptoms and characteristics of disease or illness displayed by sick or injured animals. Written communication skills - Written communication skills sufficient to complete a variety of standardized forms and reports such as citations, daily activity logs, animal bite reports, etc.; ability to write short notes to general public to advise them of violations of animal control ordinances. Interpersonal skills - Ability to verbally communicate ideas and information in a clear and concise manner; ability to use tact, courtesy, and other principles and practices of effective interpersonal relations when answering questions, providing information and assistance, handling complaints, and otherwise dealing with others.
KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES (cont.) Reading ability - Ability to read and precisely follow written instructions; ability to read city maps, street signs, house numbers, etc. in order to locate addresses; ability to read forms and reports; ability to read animal tags to identify owners. Decision-making ability - Ability to react quickly and calmly in emergency situations and to determine the proper course of action; ability to make appropriate decisions concerning sick, injured, or vicious animals in order to provide for the welfare of both the animal and the public. Ability to operate tools/equipment - Ability to operate a variety of tools and equipment such as catch poles, .22 rifle, animal traps, pliers, wire cutters, snares, snake tongs, nets, screwdrivers, etc.; mechanical ability sufficient to make minor repairs to tools and equipment as needed. Ability to operate ¾ ton truck- Valid driver's license, ability to operate truck with marginal vision due to need to rely on side mirrors only.


This position is rated for heavy work and may require the incumbent to exert up to 100 pounds of force occasionally, or 50 pounds (or less) of force frequently in order to lift/carry, push/pull or otherwise move objects. A description of the specific physical requirements associated with this position is maintained on file in the Civil Service office for review upon request.


This position uses relevant principles and procedures to solve practical problems and to deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists. A description of the specific mental and cognitive requirements associated with this position is maintained on file in the Civil Service office for review upon request.


Graduation from high school or GED equivalent. Ability to obtain an appropriate Driver's License as required by state law. Ability to work shift work.


Knowledge of animal handling and/or animal disease recognition. Also, general knowledge of large and small animals.


Animal Control Officer
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