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job Jul 09 2014

Plumbing Services (as needed) - Q1504


Plumbing Services (as needed)

Due Date: July 23, 2014 - Due Time: By 11:00 a.m. (as shown by KCDC's clock)

Quote Number: Q1504

Deliver Quotes to:

Knoxville's Community Development Corporation

Purchasing Division

901 Broadway N.E.

Knoxville, Tennessee 37917 -

Faxed/Emailed Responses are acceptable: Yes ☐ No ☒

Award Results: KCDC posts the award decision to its web page at:

General Information for Vendors


a. Knoxville's Community Development Corporation (KCDC) is the public housing and

redevelopment agency for the City of Knoxville and for the County of Knox in Tennessee. KCDC's

public housing property portfolio includes seventeen housing properties with approximately

3,500 dwelling units. KCDC also administers approximately 3,700 vouchers through our Section 8

department and has three tax credit properties.

b. This is a request for quotes‐not sealed bids. KCDC could simply contact three vendors, obtain

quotes and move forward but KCDC has chosen to solicit written quotes from all interested

parties. However, this is not a formal sealed bid and the normal formal sealed bidding

requirements do not apply to this solicitation.

c. While KCDC has its own employees who perform plumbing work, from time to time, KCDC needs

supplemental plumbing services from vendors. This need is met by the vendor holding KCDC's

award for plumbing services. Such needs arise when KCDC employees do not have the capacity

or when special skill sets are needed.

d. The successful vendor shall be required to supplement KCDC's ordinary maintenance workforce

by providing all labor, materials and equipment necessary to perform routine and emergency

plumbing services for KCDC's properties.

e. KCDC's properties at which services may be required currently include:

Austin Homes 957 E. Hill Avenue

Autumn Landing 6331 Pleasant Ridge Road

Cagle Terrace 515 Renford Drive

Eastport Residences 317 McConnell

Isabella Towers 1515 Isabella Circle

Lee Williams Complex 317 McConnell

Lonsdale Homes 2020 Minnesota Avenue

Love Towers 1171 Armstrong Avenue

Mechanicsville Homes Mechanicsville area

Montgomery Village 4530 Joe Lewis Road

Nature's Cove 2639 Bakertown Road

North Ridge Crossing 712 Breda Drive

Northgate Terrace 4301 Whittle Springs Road

Passport Homes 1626 Wallace Street area

Passport Residences 1626 Wallace Street area

Taylor Homes 317 McConnell

The Verandas 107 Flenniken Avenue

The Vista 957 East Hill Avenue

Valley Oaks 3504 Oak Branch Circle

Western Heights 1621 Jourolmon Avenue

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It is possible that after award KCDC may need to revise the service needs or requirements

specified in this document. KCDC reserves the right to make such changes after consultation with

the vendor. Should additional costs arise, KCDC reserves the right to consider accepting these

charges provided the vendor can document the costs.

KCDC also reserves the right to accept proposed service changes from the vendor if the changes

will lower the cost to KCDC and/or provide improved service.


All work covered by this solicitation and award is to be done in full accord with national, state

and local codes, ordinances, and orders that are in effect at the time the work is performed. All

requirements of the local building department and fire jurisdiction are to be fulfilled by the

successful vendor and any subcontractors.


The awarded vendor is responsible for any and all damage to buildings, equipment, grounds,

premises and all other types of potential damage resulting from the provision of the services

requested herein.


Vendor shall:

a. Only allow personnel thoroughly trained and skilled in the task assigned them to work on any

portion of a job. Any employee found to be unskilled or untrained in his/her work shall be

removed from the work.

b. Have sufficient personnel to complete the work in a timely manner.

c. Enforce strict discipline and good order among his/her employees and shall not employ or permit

to remain on the worksite any unfit person. Vendor shall enforce all instructions relative to use of

water, heat, power, smoking prohibitions and control any use of fires as required by law.

Employees must not be allowed to loiter on the premises before or after job working hours.

d. Provide at least one employee on every job assignment that shall have the ability to clearly

speak, read, write, and understand the English language in order that KCDC's representatives

may effectively communicate with the vendor.


Only those vendor employees working on a KCDC project are allowed on KCDC's premises.

Vendor employees are not to be accompanied in their work area by acquaintances, family

members, assistants or any person unless said person is an authorized employee of the vendor.


Vendor shall provide all necessary equipment, materials, supplies, et cetera needed for the

performance of the work.

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KCDC will primarily evaluate the responses to this solicitation on the factors shown below.

However, KCDC will arrive at the "lowest and best" solution for the final award. This may or may

not entail simply awarding to the vendor quoting the lowest cost.


Cost 100

Total 100

All responses are subject to a determination of "responsive" and "responsible" prior to award.

KCDC is the sole judge as to "responsiveness" and "responsibility" of vendors.

KCDC reserves the right to request additional information from vendors to assist in the

evaluation process.


KCDC no longer inserts "General Instructions to Vendors" in the solicitation document. Instead,

these instructions can be found at Click on "Doing Business With KCDC" where

you will find a link to the instructions. By submitting a response to this solicitation, the vendor

accepts the responsibility for downloading, reading and abiding by the terms and conditions set

forth in KCDC's "General Instructions to Vendors." The vendor may wish to review certain

applicable HUD instructions which can also be found on KCDC's web site.


The vendor's employees shall have proper identification displayed, at all times, while on KCDC

property. All employees must wear a company uniform or have picture identification badges or

other company identification at all times. Vendor vehicles are to have placards (on the doors or

in the windshield) that identify the company name.


The vendor shall arrange, schedule, and pay for or cause its subcontractors to arrange, schedule

and pay for all required final inspections by state, local, or independent certified inspecting

authorities necessary for issuance of all required KCDC utilization permits in regard to completed



The vendor shall maintain, at vendor's sole expense, on a primary and non‐contributory basis, at

all times during the life of the award insurance coverages, limits, and endorsements described

herein. All insurance must be underwritten by insurers with an A.M. Best rating of A‐: VI or

better. Upon award, the vendor shall provide Certificate(s) of Insurance to KCDC evidencing said

insurance coverages.

The vendor agrees the insurance requirements herein as well as KCDC's review or

acknowledgement, is not intended to and shall not in any manner limit or qualify the liabilities

and obligations assumed by the vendor under this contract.

More information at


Plumbing Services (as needed) - Q1504

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